Hello, my name is Milton Mazzarri (a.k.a. milmazz), I’m a Systems Engineer and an enthusiast of the philosophy behind the Free/Libre Open Source Software. Some years ago I left my homeland (Venezuela) and began to explore other opportunities around the world, I lived for some years in Mexico and now I work in the United States of America. If you want to know about what I’m working on you can check my LinkedIn and Github accounts.

Among the things that I like the most are reading science-fiction or technical books, sharing some time with friends, also playing tennis, going for a bike ride, playing soccer or just running near my home. Of course, I’m also passionate about Computer Science and Programming Languages.

I will share through this blog my experiences as a programmer and write about a variety of topics about different technologies. In the past I was a system administrator, so, maybe I’ll include some articles about that as well.

If you prefer you can contact me on my personal e-mail: me at milmaz.uno or you can follow me on Twitter at @milmazz