The DRY principle

The DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle it basically consist in the following:

Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system.

That said, it’s almost clear that the DRY principle is against the code duplication, something that in the long-term affect the maintenance phase, it doesn’t facilitate the improvement or code refactoring and, in some cases, it can generate some contradictions, among other problems.

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Libturpial Needs Your Help

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jQuery best practices

After some time working with C programming language in a *NIX like operating system, recently I came back again to Web Programming, mostly working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the client-side and other technologies in the backend area.

The current project I’ve been working on, heavily relies on jQuery and Highcharts/Highstock libraries, I must confess that at the beginning of the project my skills in the client-side were more than rusted, so, I began reading a lot of articles about new techniques and good practices to catch up very quickly, in the meantime, I start taking some notes about “best practices”1 that promotes a better use of jQuery2

  1. Please take this “best practices” with a grain of salt, do your research 

  2. As a side note, besides jQuery nowadays are used by a large percentage of 

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MongoDB University: M101P

A finales del año pasado finalice satisfactoriamente el curso en línea M101P: MongoDB for Python Developers de MongoDB University (otrora conocido como 10gen Education). Sin embargo, no me había tomado el tiempo para compartirles la experiencia, sino hasta ahora.

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