libturpial needs your help

Do you want to begin to contribute into libturpial codebase but you don’t know where to start?, that’s ok, it also happens to me sometimes, but today, the reality is that we need your help to fix some errors reported by our style checker (flake8), this errors are:

3 min read

jQuery best practices

After some time working with C programming language in a *NIX like operating system, recently I came back again to Web Programming, mostly working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the client-side and other technologies in the backend area.

7 min read

MongoDB University: M101P

A finales del año pasado finalice satisfactoriamente el curso en línea M101P: MongoDB for Python Developers de MongoDB University (otrora conocido como 10gen Education). Sin embargo, no me había tomado el tiempo para compartirles la experiencia, sino hasta ahora.

5 min read